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A cuckold is a game where a woman takes another lover in front of her husband. The game is perfect for men who are bored with same routine sex. Watching another man enjoying your wife will arouse your passion and make you join the party too.You would be surprised to know that there are Cuckold Clubs all over US and other western counterparts. If you don’t believe it, then search for cuckold clubs with your city name and Google will answer you with unlimited number of sites. That shows that that you are not alone about having this voyeuristic pleasure.


Just like Swinging clubs, these local cuckold clubs have their own social networking site. At a nominal fee, you can become its member, check out hot guys profile, communicate with them and call them to your apartment for the party. Some clubs have tie up with hotels or clubs too where you can get all the arrangements for the erotic party. But above all, most important thing is convincing your wife to join a local cuckold club. If you tell your wife about your dark fantasy, she will surely reject it as most women are not monogamous by nature. You have to convince her (and that is the hardest part of the game) that it is nothing wrong in it. Try to tell her that you are losing interest in sex or bored with routine life and want some excitement in bed. It’s not an easy thing, but on persistent request your wife will definitely agree to it. After all, all wives want to keep their man happy.


Once you have convinced your wife, you can check out any hot guy and watch your fun getting banged by other man. Most men in local cuckold clubs are professionals and know how to make a woman horny. In fact, they can teach you some tricks of giving pleasure to your wife too.About all this erotic adventure, your attitude matters a lot too. For instance, what if your wife tells you that the third person is better lover than you or she starts having an affair with a model etc. Would you be able to cope it? The cons of this game are that it can create differences between couple that can lead to separation.Hence, deep understanding between couples is a must for this game. Some Cuckold sites also conduct a marital test for both parties to see how comfortable they are with each other. At the end of the game, no one wants to take blame for this one night stand.

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