Thinking about sharing your wife? Then read on

It is nothing wrong to indulge in sex with third person as long as both of you are okay with it. People grow out of love and to keep it alive it is better to indulge in some spicy action that is out of this world. Wife Sharing is just like that. Here, you share your wife with a third person in bed. Mostly this person is male, but in some cases it can be a female too.The concept has become quite popular among couples nowadays. In fact, there are some sites specifically dedicated to it. You can meet lot of interesting couples, single person willing to share bed with your wife.Though the concept looks good, but share my wife concept has cons too. These are:


Comfort Level: Most important thing. How comfortable are you watching your wife in someone else arms. During making out, it is quite obvious that your wife may get involved and utter sweet voices in excitement. How comfortable you would be? Will you be able to watch your wife in other man arms? Same rule applies to ladies too. In case, you are uncomfortable with this idea, then it is better to avoid it.


Complete Privacy: The most important rule before you begin Share my wife game.. Calling friends or office colleague can be a dangerous as they can indulge in blackmailing or tell other unintentionally causing you much embarrassment. Hence, it is wise to call a professional may be an escort or a person who has already done this before. Make sure that his phone is switched off so that he can’t take nude pictures of your GF.


Location: Finding location is the most difficult thing. You can either call him in your home or arrange this play game in hotel nearby. Doing this in home is comfortable but if you have small children, then it is better to arrange the party in hotel. There are some hotels specifically dedicated to this. You can look out for them in net too.


Sharing my Wife concept can test your relationship. It is quite possible that your wife finds the person you call a better lover, will you be able to cope it? Most couple do it for fun later realize that it is affecting their relationship. Once you see sign of disturbances, immediately stop this game. Your relationship is more important than any other fun game.


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