What are swinger groups and how do we join?

You might have heard term swinger while reading books or browsing through websites. You might have thought of it as dancers, but in reality, it is about wife swapping. The concept started in US military parties over some drinks where a group of army men threw their car keys in a bowl and whoever picks up the car key can enjoy a one night stand with a wife of an army person to whom the car belongs. The activity that started for fun soon became a rage among married couples looking for some hot action in bed. 


Recently, there are more than 3000 swinger Groups operating all over UK.  In fact, there are dating sites specifically for swingers.  You can read detailed intro about couples, see their raunchy pictures, chat with them and set a meeting point where both parties can come easily.The meeting point is either a hotel or a resort in outskirts of city.  You can do this in your home too, it should be avoided mostly as it would be too disturbing for children and raise doubts among your neighbours over your adventurous activities. Better is to perform in a place where you are complete strangers.


Swinging is all about having fun in bed not having an affair.  Most couples, after having sex go back to their normal life as nothing happened. Unfortunately, most people think of it as their cheating partner, but in reality it rekindles lost romance in your life and in some cases helps you in saving your marriage too. Sometimes spending time with other person can help you get a better prospective of your spouse. Not only this, you can share your marital problems and try to make your relationship a better one. If you are sceptical about Wife swapping, then don’t worry; there are a lot of swinging groups operating all over UK and US. You just have to search in Google, call them and book an appointment with a couple of matching your taste. Some swinging group sites can also reserve a hotel over some nominal charges too.


After 10 or 12 years of marriage; people grow out of love. They live in together for sake of children. They hardly talk, communicate and share their feelings with each other. It becomes like two strangers living under a same roof. Living this life can be more harmful as it can lead to extra marital affairs and then divorce too. Better option is to go for a holiday after some years in marriage or add some spice like swinging to save your relationship.

How it works

It takes less than 5 minutes to join the hottets sex group in Kent!