Wives who sissy their man

Have you seen your husband playing with panties or applying a lipstick in your absence? If yes, then your husband is definitely a sissy. A sissy is a person or a man who has more feminine features than masculine. The problem with sissy men is their lack of interest in sex. Don’t be disheartened if your husband is like that. There is a way to arouse passion in your man and that is by cuck holding. It is an erotic game where a third person is called to have sex with wife in front of husband. This game is specially played to excite men who are lacking interest in sex.Now you would think how I can meet this kind of guys. Don’t worry at all because there are sites for wives who sissy their man. You can easily search in Google, there are lots of it. In fact, you won’t even know some of them would be working in your neighbourhood too.


You can easily become member in any of these sites, go through handsome guys, chat and call them to your place for fun party. If you have small children at home, then hotel would be the most suitable place. Most sites can even recommend a hotel for this purpose too. Whatever you do, make sure your husband is watching it because you are doing this for him.
Watching you having sex with another male can definitely leave him mesmerized. In 9 out of 10 cases, this practical works and most probably your husband will also join this party. Most guys present in these sites are professional escorts or gigolos who are expert in making a woman horny.


Wives who sissy their man concept may look immoral to you on first thought. But think of it, it is better than being sexually frustrated. Not having sex can lead to irritation, fights and finally land to separation. If your husband doesn’t give a damn about you, then it is fine to file for a divorce. But what if he really loves you, care about you, what would you do then? Hence, going for threesome act is nothing wrong. Just think of it how lucky you are to have sex with a man of your choice. You can choose a black, blonde or any ultimate male fantasy as you have read in Mills and Boon Books. So ladies, if your husband is sissy, then accept this reality and try to find a solution rather than heading for divorce.

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